Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Check That

+ Tuesday's temps only dropped to a windchill of 12. Mother nature was sure not to make me a liar!

- Wednesday

-6 windchill -27
Wow is all I got. Made it to work in one piece. Two head socks, Green Giro w/ear muffs helmet and goggles. tights, windstopper bibs and eVENT pants. Blue nike base, yellow pearl Kodiak jersey and eVENT jacket. iceBUG shoes and Trek lobster gloves. My toes made it fine. My thighs felt it the most while on the bike. I sweated like mad! I truly believe that this was the coldest bike ride I have ever done, or at least close to it.

My Arrowhead 135 training is an ongoing process...

Monday, January 28, 2008

+ vs - Tuesday

40's in the AM
Safety first. Blinky round the neck and on the back

They are talking -30 by tonight. These should come in handy I'm sure for the 7pm ride home. Neatly wrapped electrical tape to cover the holes of the plastic cages. I am so smart.

Should be interesting.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Super G?

Folks, its still cold outside...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 hours in a Winter Wonderland

Jeff @ 70

Jeff @ 16
Love it!

Trixie and I enjoyed a Monday at the movies(Juno). I felt like being a nice guy so I turned off my phone. To my surprise, Bikesafer was jones'n for a ride in the snow. Jeff on the voice mail - "you up for a "yeah!" ride?" So I called him back. Me on the call back - "Yeah!", I can be out the door in 20.

We decided to meet in the middle and have ourselves the "Yeah!" ride. I left the house with my Oakleys(woohoo!), an extra pair of gloves(didn't need'em) and two extra head bands. I pulled out the first head band one mile into the ride, my forehead couldn't take the cold. The ride was so much fun. Constantly needing to control your bike, the snow flying and the truly fast speeds(for the conditions). I finally met up with Jeff. I thought I was giddy. Turn right here? Yeah! Go South? Yeah. Left? Yeah! Dude, I gotta make a stop at a store for some duct tape or baggies or something. Gas Station? Yeah! I took mini news papers and put them on my thighs. One "thank you" baggie over each foot. Yeah! that's right over each foot. Check the video, it really worked. I warmed up a bit without getting baggies caught in the crank. Oh Yeah!, the second head band went to Jeff. Should we start to head back? (we didn't want to) Yeah.
Everyone was shoveling, we were riding. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for the call Jeff. It took a shower and a good hour for my toes to regain normal comfort. You all know it was worth it.

Today was Lost season 2 and 75min on Mrs. Revmaster.

School started back up.

Still cold.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A fixedgear keeps you warmer(insert period)

Friday, January 18, 2008

bring your Oakleys when there's snow

Got the wake-up call @ 8am from Mr. Frings. I was over dressed and out the door by 9. Jeff and his 30lb bike was felling really good. I and my 30lbs of clothes was feeling excited and dehydrated. The snow held off for a while, which led to my horrible decision to not bring my Oakleys. Well, 25miles into our 50 the snow started to fly and I was out of water. I had to refuel. So the stop was a grade school. They thought I was a suicide bomber or rape man or something. They had the nerve to say that their school doesn't have bubblers. However, they were nice enough to let me use the sink in the office bathroom. I truly don't blame them. They were as nice as they had to be while securing school safety at the same time keeping my fluid intake up. The final 25 was when Jeff decided to put the hammer down, which we both needed. the one eyed 50 had begun. Keep the head down(not smart) and alternate between eyes. Lesson learned.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

one-eyed 50

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Indoor x 2

I've been watching LOST season 1 while I sweat in my winter riding gear. Yup, it's cold and I gotta stay warm. 2 days 200minutes. When I first started on the lemond this season I could only mentally handle 30-40minutes. Well, I can say now full episodes in HD really help pass the time.

The cold is finally back.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Fixed Gear Gallery

In the words of me (2003):

This is my Medici converted Fixie. Campy 165 crank and BB, Mavic 700c rims with Suntour Sprint hubs, 3ttt stem and Cinelli bars, Brakes... what brakes? Bought this beauty over the web 6 months ago. The only things changed since the picture was a longer seat post and metal cages on the pedals. I run a 45/14 all over the streets of Milwaukee. Great Gallery. I love being able to check out all these great rides all on one web site! Constantine Peters

I had to show the Medici in its glory. This was a late 2002 EBAY purchase for a solid $180 plus shipping. Now you try finding this kind of ride with the same parts on the BAY for less than $800. Gian Simonetti and Michael Howard left Masi in 1978 to start the Medici Bicycle Company. With Columbus tubing and beautiful lugs, it just rides like a dream. It is just too bad it looks the way it does today. The only part still left on the bike since 2003 is the Suntour headset. Non-drive campy crank arm cracked at the spindle. Wheels bit the dust. If there is ever a custom frame in my future, my Medici will certainly be the template.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daily Commute

Gore Bike Wear Windstopper bibs
Endura Zyme
Remember those socks?
Puma Leather Track(running) Shoe

Medici 48x18
rear fender
23c tire
Plastic toe straps
Flipped n Chopped Riser
It doesn't matter how you look, what you ride or for how long - Get out there!
ps. look for Lane Kimble's essay and vote(he's a friend who would thank us all)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Minority Report

Well, I turned out to be the only fixy. A very nicely paced 50 it was. I have finally found the perfect winter gearing for the medici - 48x18. Everyone was a blast to ride with.

Peeps dumping on ice
Broken frame pump
Lost toe covers
Refried beans

What more could you ask for?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Maybe refried beans?

went for a short ride today - looking forward to a ride tomorrow over in 'sha with the 'sta, frings, and wannabe out to hartland and back.
checked out aris' basketball game. great game..hartford managed a win over riverside. a classic hicks vs. hoods battle.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Is There Such a Thing

Is there a speed/distance/HR machine out there than can put out data for 24+ continuous hours?

Cat Eye CC-HR200DW states it won't show a "E" until 999.99km or 27hours is reached. Is this true? Sounds tempting...

Happy New Year

Not much has gone on here at base camp. Trixie and I decided to be home-bodies and bring in the new year in the DUO category. Made the mid-day trip to the local Pick-n-Save for some food necessities and a bottle of wine to go with our Gouda xmass gift. Stopped at Blockbuster for our free exchanges which y'all should get in on. Tried playing Apples to Apples but it kept going back and forth. Draw.

A superb night it was.


My Profile Bar is still looking pretty as ever. Over the break I was major jones'n for the proper 31.8stem. Trixie quickly brought me to my senses. Jan12 is the Madison Bike Swap. Should be fun.

iPod Touch is Ama Za Zing. I should say the wi-fi is it. I have yet to even listen to mp3's from it. Real Internet! Make comments on peeps' blogs, gmail, look up New Years Eve dinner recipes, Check movie reviews before our trip to Blockbuster, youtube n itunes....The list goes on. Blazing fast and sexy sleek.

Garmin 305 is sweet. HR works great(works with my pilot(Mrs. Revmaster) too). I have not yet to used it on a ride(waiting on that stem). It will be coming with me on a run today.

Snow Running has always been a great winter cross training sport for me. Throw in the tunes and run till you can't lift your feet out of the snow. This year it has been brought to a whole new level.


I have been in search of this shoe ever since I started commuting full time. A waterproof shoe with a built-in gator. You should all know this...When riding your bike on city streets the day after a big snow. The tires pick up slush and throw it at the downtube. The slush then flies off the tube on to your shoes. a 15minute shot from one building to another can result in very wet socks for like 2hours. That is where this shoe shines. A full youtube review of the shoe will be up in a few. I went for a run just before the New Year and these shoes were amazing. Feet were perfectly warm and dry while running through over a foot of snow.