Friday, January 18, 2008

bring your Oakleys when there's snow

Got the wake-up call @ 8am from Mr. Frings. I was over dressed and out the door by 9. Jeff and his 30lb bike was felling really good. I and my 30lbs of clothes was feeling excited and dehydrated. The snow held off for a while, which led to my horrible decision to not bring my Oakleys. Well, 25miles into our 50 the snow started to fly and I was out of water. I had to refuel. So the stop was a grade school. They thought I was a suicide bomber or rape man or something. They had the nerve to say that their school doesn't have bubblers. However, they were nice enough to let me use the sink in the office bathroom. I truly don't blame them. They were as nice as they had to be while securing school safety at the same time keeping my fluid intake up. The final 25 was when Jeff decided to put the hammer down, which we both needed. the one eyed 50 had begun. Keep the head down(not smart) and alternate between eyes. Lesson learned.

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