Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Not much has gone on here at base camp. Trixie and I decided to be home-bodies and bring in the new year in the DUO category. Made the mid-day trip to the local Pick-n-Save for some food necessities and a bottle of wine to go with our Gouda xmass gift. Stopped at Blockbuster for our free exchanges which y'all should get in on. Tried playing Apples to Apples but it kept going back and forth. Draw.

A superb night it was.


My Profile Bar is still looking pretty as ever. Over the break I was major jones'n for the proper 31.8stem. Trixie quickly brought me to my senses. Jan12 is the Madison Bike Swap. Should be fun.

iPod Touch is Ama Za Zing. I should say the wi-fi is it. I have yet to even listen to mp3's from it. Real Internet! Make comments on peeps' blogs, gmail, look up New Years Eve dinner recipes, Check movie reviews before our trip to Blockbuster, youtube n itunes....The list goes on. Blazing fast and sexy sleek.

Garmin 305 is sweet. HR works great(works with my pilot(Mrs. Revmaster) too). I have not yet to used it on a ride(waiting on that stem). It will be coming with me on a run today.

Snow Running has always been a great winter cross training sport for me. Throw in the tunes and run till you can't lift your feet out of the snow. This year it has been brought to a whole new level.


I have been in search of this shoe ever since I started commuting full time. A waterproof shoe with a built-in gator. You should all know this...When riding your bike on city streets the day after a big snow. The tires pick up slush and throw it at the downtube. The slush then flies off the tube on to your shoes. a 15minute shot from one building to another can result in very wet socks for like 2hours. That is where this shoe shines. A full youtube review of the shoe will be up in a few. I went for a run just before the New Year and these shoes were amazing. Feet were perfectly warm and dry while running through over a foot of snow.

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What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

Did Theo give you the stem to use in the Interim?