Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Check That

+ Tuesday's temps only dropped to a windchill of 12. Mother nature was sure not to make me a liar!

- Wednesday

-6 windchill -27
Wow is all I got. Made it to work in one piece. Two head socks, Green Giro w/ear muffs helmet and goggles. tights, windstopper bibs and eVENT pants. Blue nike base, yellow pearl Kodiak jersey and eVENT jacket. iceBUG shoes and Trek lobster gloves. My toes made it fine. My thighs felt it the most while on the bike. I sweated like mad! I truly believe that this was the coldest bike ride I have ever done, or at least close to it.

My Arrowhead 135 training is an ongoing process...

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