Monday, January 14, 2008


Fixed Gear Gallery

In the words of me (2003):

This is my Medici converted Fixie. Campy 165 crank and BB, Mavic 700c rims with Suntour Sprint hubs, 3ttt stem and Cinelli bars, Brakes... what brakes? Bought this beauty over the web 6 months ago. The only things changed since the picture was a longer seat post and metal cages on the pedals. I run a 45/14 all over the streets of Milwaukee. Great Gallery. I love being able to check out all these great rides all on one web site! Constantine Peters

I had to show the Medici in its glory. This was a late 2002 EBAY purchase for a solid $180 plus shipping. Now you try finding this kind of ride with the same parts on the BAY for less than $800. Gian Simonetti and Michael Howard left Masi in 1978 to start the Medici Bicycle Company. With Columbus tubing and beautiful lugs, it just rides like a dream. It is just too bad it looks the way it does today. The only part still left on the bike since 2003 is the Suntour headset. Non-drive campy crank arm cracked at the spindle. Wheels bit the dust. If there is ever a custom frame in my future, my Medici will certainly be the template.