Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 hours in a Winter Wonderland

Jeff @ 70

Jeff @ 16
Love it!

Trixie and I enjoyed a Monday at the movies(Juno). I felt like being a nice guy so I turned off my phone. To my surprise, Bikesafer was jones'n for a ride in the snow. Jeff on the voice mail - "you up for a "yeah!" ride?" So I called him back. Me on the call back - "Yeah!", I can be out the door in 20.

We decided to meet in the middle and have ourselves the "Yeah!" ride. I left the house with my Oakleys(woohoo!), an extra pair of gloves(didn't need'em) and two extra head bands. I pulled out the first head band one mile into the ride, my forehead couldn't take the cold. The ride was so much fun. Constantly needing to control your bike, the snow flying and the truly fast speeds(for the conditions). I finally met up with Jeff. I thought I was giddy. Turn right here? Yeah! Go South? Yeah. Left? Yeah! Dude, I gotta make a stop at a store for some duct tape or baggies or something. Gas Station? Yeah! I took mini news papers and put them on my thighs. One "thank you" baggie over each foot. Yeah! that's right over each foot. Check the video, it really worked. I warmed up a bit without getting baggies caught in the crank. Oh Yeah!, the second head band went to Jeff. Should we start to head back? (we didn't want to) Yeah.
Everyone was shoveling, we were riding. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for the call Jeff. It took a shower and a good hour for my toes to regain normal comfort. You all know it was worth it.

Today was Lost season 2 and 75min on Mrs. Revmaster.

School started back up.

Still cold.

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