Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To aid in your Surfing Pleasure

Stay up to date with the SNOB. It will be interesting. click or scroll.

The bros got lost in the School Girl's tool shed after Iceman.

Ronsta's Iceman paper is quite motivating.

I can feel the vibes going in and out of this little blog here, and I am here to ease your pains. This EXPO video anticipation is just too much for you to handle. My "preview" didn't help much either. So I have decided to open my vault of video goodness...The once famed La Perla Racing 2005 video has made its way to the youtube masses. Then, La Perla(a fine Mexican restaurant in Milwaukee that so wonderfully helped our crew get started on the "team" side of things). Now, EXPO Racing aka Team EXPO aka EXPO Rides aka EXPO aka expo aka Expo. Get it right. So, here is 4ish minutes of bananas on bikes. We were all so little.

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