Friday, November 30, 2007

Ba - La - Clava

Must #2

Pace P3 Thermal Polypro Balaclava

Ultra compact and form fitting. I have tried a many "head socks" in my past, but none are as winter proper as the Pace P3 Thermal Polypro Balaclava. It is so thin it can fit under any helmet and can sit on your face as high as the bottom of your eyes or as low as under your chin strap without getting in the way. No matter how it sits on your head, its form fitting capabilities never lets in unnecessary air flow. It is like a second skin. When placed above the mouth you will find a small hot air bubble separating the Pace from your skin only to be completely gone well before the next exhale. Now your probably saying "great, fog up the glasses". Not quite. The breathe ability of this material is amazing. It breathes just enough to pull moister away from the body without compromising its wind blocking wonders. I can wear this in 40+ weather and never over heat. When it gets down to the teens or below, I wear a winter hat or skull cap or head band to double up the ears.

34degrees, 20mph and clear lenses

The exhale escapes through the balaclava rather than up to the shades. No fog.

For less than two pairs of new winter socks, you can have the best head comfort you have ever had. Trust me. I own two Pace P3 Thermal Polypro Balaclavas(I still get to wear it when it's in the wash!!!). Chin, cheeks and nose are safe down to minus10 in my book.

Nashbar has it for $14.99. You might want to also buy a couple of these to ease your shipping cost pains

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