Monday, November 12, 2007

Not so Cold

No Snow...

No posts for a while...My Aunt-in-law passed last week. No Iceman for me. That is not to say EXPO Racing didn't melt the snow this weekend. Ripped it up.

Theo - 2nd place

All men 12-14! Midwest Regional Championship! SECOND PLACE!

Aris - 4th place

Made a pass in the last mile to take 4th. What racing is all about.

Darwin - 5th

Second to oldest bro. Only his second MTB race ever. Him being able to race is the exact reason I love Iceman so much. I made the decision Thursday night to not race(Trixie, I love you). I told Dar to pack his bike and race under my name. Dar shows up Friday night to pose as me...didn't have to. The folks at Iceman completely changed all the rider info and even let him change classes. Wow. Thanks to Iceman, they have contributed to the Mountain biking community +1.

John G - 10th

Top ten in the race's largest field...nice

Kathy Gregorski - 4th

Constant top 5 finishes all year(we both know it was a timing chip thing at Short n Fat)

Side notes:
EXPO Racing's end of the year parte' is this coming Saturday. The days highlights include; Homemade Pizza's, fire, and 2007 EXPO Racing highlight reel premiere!

2008 Lazer Helmet Proposal is out the door...we won't hear back till Nov. 20ish.

Clif Bar has been renewed for 2008!

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What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

Had I known they would have been so nice I had an entry i could have brought, I have a freind and his wife didn't use either of their entrys and I could have hitched a ride with your Fam. O well, I spent the weekend Cleaning.