Monday, November 19, 2007

EPIK 110

We knew no matter what we would be pushing it to be back before dark. 110 miles, 80 of which was gravel goodness, in alot of hours was Aris's first ever Century. To top it off, he pulled me the entire way. We got about a 9am start. Code was waiting and ready with his Gunnar, 4 X 36oz bottles, no ear covers and no booties. Aris n I pulled the bladders out of our hydration packs to store extra gloves and clothes. 36 degrees to start. It wasn't Epic, but it was Epik. Dig it?

Code's legs were feeling good at the start. Aris's were itching to spin at XC pace. Me, it took me a while to warm up.
The Glacial Drumlin State Trail was a mind numbing straight with tons of great views. See the winter cover on the front of the Lazer? This single feature puts it above many $160 dollar helmets. The Lazer Magma is only half the price. Yup, we were feeling great.
Code's pace started to fall of right around the the 30mile mark. I really wanted to complete the ride and get in before dark. We had to pick up the pace. Aris turned in to a work horse and started to fly. We made three stops in the first half, took close to a 45min lunch, and picked up the pace with only one stop on the back half. We rolled in 30minutes or so after dark w/ LOW 30 temps. Stats, who knows? It was a great start to the 2008 Season and a super Trans Iowa wake-up. It was Aris's First Century. It was Epik, an Epik 110.


Ronsta said...

I am so lazy this time of year.
You guys keep rockin!
We should all kick some long rides together after the holidays!

Carlos said...

Haha, is that really cold?
I´m riding here pretty much naked, It´s so hot that I already got sunburn from my last 2 rides.
Just for this trip I´ll update my blog later with some good pix too.

What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I had no idea you guys wanted to run the pace so high, o well, I only wanted the base miles, not the intensity, I'm still feeling it today, it was my second century of the year and btw, they were 4x28oz bottles.