Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Endurosnob Awards 2008

In the Words of eNDUROSNOB:

It's that time of year again and, apparently, some of you are ready to
begin nominations judging by a few emails I have gotten. Third verse, same as
the first. Nominations in the comments and we'll hold the actual voting
throughout the next couple of weeks.

Fiendish reminder: Photos can simply be sent to me via the email in my profile.

As I always point out, the idea is to give people props and respect.

Category One: Endurance Cyclist of the Year.

Category Two: Single Speeder of the Year.

Category Three: Photo of the Year.

Category Four: Blogger of the Year.

This should be fun. Frings, I know you gots some great MTB pics...I'm sending yours of JW's. Video of the year? Easy, EXPO Racing team video. How do I know? Cause i saw it(bad aSS!). Endurance Single Speeder of the year? Easy, Me. Wife of an Endurance Single Speeder of the year? Easier, Trixie.
There's no sense in submitting here. Send it to the SNOB!

I got this sweet new BIONICLE sticker today from Garret.

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