Sunday, October 21, 2007

Real Wisconsin Cheese

Plan was to go to Sunday Cross. Aris forgot ALL his stuff. So we slept in after a late night of dancing, awoke, grabbed breakfast and prepped for a Sunday Urban "epic". Aris wore his flats.

Theo got his Zoolander on.
And we headed east towards the lake. On the way we stopped at every park we could and completed a mini cross race. Once at the lake we grabbed the Oak Leaf trail and went south. We found single track, mud, wood chips, flat stone paths, switch back paved climbs and the most amazing run-ups.

Single track descent to the water, turn, and run all the way to the top. Awesome.

We even tried making new trail.
Refuel and head home. 4hour day. It was so fun.

Aris promises everyone to forget his stuff again.


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I would have joined you guys had I known I ended up not going to the race cause I was supposed to stay in whitewater and my plans fell through, I was trying to get myself to go on a training ride but had too much stuff to do around home, I built myself a barrier as you will find on my blog. I ended up doing like an hour and a half of super low resistance, high cadence spinning with some High HR mixed in when I got bored, I was watching TV.

Anonymous said...

Nice buns!

Christie said...
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Jay said...

I picked up Aris's awards at the WORS banquet. I will bring them to the Washington Park cross race.

EXPO Racing said...

Thanks Jay.