Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A few pics here and a few pics there. WORS #3 - Trek Big Ring Classic was a blast, as it always is.

No fly on the tent always means good things. Buckwheat at least stays when told(when we are watching).

Jordan aka JDubs rode much faster on his new Jay build. Kona, Sun Ringle, Hayes, Answer, and Ergon make this bike scream to be rode fast. Jordan did! Jay built this beauty from scratch on the Friday before the weekend!

Andy aka EXPO Prodigy takes mental notes at the start of the Open Junior (Jr. Cat 1/2) start.

Look closely, Riley had to tumble over a crash before he could even spike his heart rate. Note to self, stay in the front third.

Riley talks about the start crash, while Brandon and Ryan trade stories of their podium trips.

Great to see Brian this year! Sporting the National Champion Jersey of yours truly. He looks much better in it than I would this year.

Liz towards the front in the Women's Elite field. She's 16. Pic by Edge on Flickr.

Another great one by Edge. Finally we get a glimpse of Myles. Caleb was getting ready to test the fields legs in just a few short miles... then Myles said bye to all.