Thursday, June 24, 2010

The (growing) EXPO Juniors List set for Nationals

The rider list is up to 12! These kids are in for one hell of an experience!!

Ryan Oconnell - Oak Forest, IL - 16
Jordan Watkins - Marshfield, WI - 14
Brandon Watkins - Marshfield, WI - 16
Emily Shull - Libertyville, IL - 15
Liz Shull - Libertyville, IL - 16
Myles Beach - Larsen, WI - 16
Kyle Warras - Waukesha, WI - 17
Nathan Labecki - Milwaukee, WI - 16
Theodore Peters - Hartford, WI - 18
Mitchell Bogardus - Kenosha, WI - 16
Gage Rodriguez - Kenosha, WI - 16
Andrew Schmidt - Edgerton, WI - 10

This weekend at the Subaru Cup you will be able to help send our EXPO Juniors out to Colorado for the National Championships. You will see the EXPO Tent within the Subaru Cup Consumer Expo. We will be selling The new EXPO Racing T's, EXPO Stickers, and $5 or 5 for $20 Drawing Tickets. When you buy a Drawing Ticket you will be entered into a Drawing for a SET of Hayes Stroker Disc Brakes. Word on the street is there may be a fork added to the drawing as well... Be sure to stop by the tent to see all the $$$ items that make it into the Give Away.

T's will sell for $10 and Stickers will be $1 and $3.

Every single dollar will go directly into making this monumental trip just that much more possible.

Big Thanks goes out the the Tour of America's Dairyland for donating the sweet set of Hayes Disc Brakes! If you can't make it to Mt. Morris, then be sure to hit up the Downer Ave. ToAD race this Saturday.

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