Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunburst preps for Nats...

Andy aka EXPO Prodigy ups the weekly intensity and throws out his first win of the season, and a top 10 overall. Seems to be perfectly timing out his push for a National Championship. Yeah, he is coming with us to Nationals.

I am sure you a wish you knew what the Shull Sisters were doing during the week... Emily won her group and took 7th overall in the Sport Women.

Riley was fresh off the Trek 100 the day before, gets on his first podium of his season: 3rd. I guess some people can handle an XC race the day after a century...

Liz Shull races Jr. X, but goes off with the Pro Women. 15th Overall within the Pro and Cat 1 Women.

It wasn't the best weekend for the EXPO juniors racing in the Jr. X class. However, Kyle was able to keep EXPO on the BOX. So far this season, if Kyle toes the line he gets on the BOX. Consistency will be key in this year's series results. This Junior group this year is just too talented.

What has been going on since Sunburst? Well, the Shulls, Myles(5th in 6hr) and Aris(3rd in 3hr) did work at the 12hrs of John Muir and Nate is working towards a top 5 in the cat4 Tour of America's Dairyland.
Up NEXT: Subaru Cup and the Midwest Regional Championships. Look for EXPO in the Consumer Expo throughout the weekend. We will be selling T-shirts, tickets and decals to raise money to help send our EXPO Juniors out to MTB Nationals in Granby, CO. What are the tickets for? We will throw those into a hat for some legit Hayes and Sram goodies, I mean legit! Much much info and details to come! Stay tuned.

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