Monday, May 31, 2010

Where is Myles?

Pictured would be all of our EXPO Juniors racing in the Cat1/2 Junior Open Division (Previously Junior X). These peeps are FAST - Liz, Nate, Theo, Mitch, Caleb, Kyle and... Where is Myles?!?!

Off the front is what we can say now. Myles put it down to dominate the Junior field... The entire COMP class for that matter. 2nd Overall! 16seconds back from 1st overall and 2minutes OVER the entire rest of the COMP field.

Other results to boot:

Chris - 1st Overall in Citizen
*Andy - 2nd Cit 10-14
Emily - 3rd Sport 15-18
*Jordan - 2nd Sport 10-14
*Ryan - 2nd Sport 15-16
Brandon - 3rd Sport 15-16
Riley - 7th Sport 15-16
Dan - 9th Sport 55-59
Liz - 1st
*Myles - 1st, 2nd Overall
Caleb - 4th
Kyle - 5th
Nate - 6th
Theo - 14th
Aris - 18th Elite 19-29
Brian - 22nd Elite 19-29
John - 11th Elite 40+

Mitch told the story of the heat which grabbed him a DNF and highlighted the inner beauty of "season". Brayden joins EXPO this weekend, after his 3rd race ever! He is in the right place, because I couldn't name a better group of kids to move him along the right path. Welcome Brayden.

* would indicate a so-far season best result. Pics and Stories to come.

Enjoyed the Memorial Day.

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