Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trans Iowa rig 2010

Drove it out west to find some gravel today. Managed a simple 30miles to help dial in a few items. I found myself in love with the Ergon GX3 barend. So much so, that I rarely ever touched the green stuff. So I took off the 100mm stem and slapped on a 110mm. Bam, perfect. Found a feed basket at the Bicycle Doctor which I am pretty stoked about. This should aid in feeding without getting dropped.

Sigh... I am starting to get quite excited for this thing called Trans Iowa. Bike has never been so comfortable. My legs seem to be much better that year's past. I found Tanka Bars to taste so amazing, I will fill my pack the hot ones for sure. Test Battery life of my Stella as I type(4 hours and counting on high...) Oh yeah, I sighed. Yeah. I'm nervous. I want to finish this thing!


Jay said...

Your bike looks really nice. Good Luck at the Trans Iowa.

The Shed Master said...

it's all about the wheels

Ari said...

the greek gods will prevail. the schwalbes are a great choice.
see you friday. we are going to finish. we are going to finish.
bet your greek b*tt on that one.