Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kettle Ride Report

Please notice the "Skidmark" sighting on the left sidebar. Click-it and you will see a little write-up tossed in with a couple pics of our ride at John Muir/Connector/Emma yesterday (Not to mention much press coverage of "The Boy" ^above^ - Nate.). Good times. Two flats in my group had us thinking safety > Bail on the connector and get closer to the pit. Which worked out for the better. I managed to finish the ride and have a clean hamstring day. If every day can give me good news, then I'm sure to get back in the mix soon.

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Jay said...

Hard to get good pictures of racers going by at 30 plus on a pocket camera, but Nate looks clear on that one. Thanks for the great time yesterday. It was nice to ride with the kids and listen to them talk the entire time not a bad word or thing was ever uttered. A great group of kids and a lot of talent. Can't wait for another ride.