Monday, August 24, 2009

Crazy Casey @ Blue Mound

Hildebrandt Family

Lets start off with....that course is rough...real rough. It was a nice start. Didn't want to run as fast as I could because Carlos and Glenn were there and are way faster than me. Didn't wanna slow them up and got into 5th or so. Carlos didn't get told which way to go and hopped on the 6 and 12 hour course. Caught me half way through that lap and got away in singletrack. Caught him on the long flats before the end of the lap. Got in front of him before the lap and he caught me back halfway through that lap again. Never saw him again (he is nuts... I swear this guy has no fear. he is jumping rocks and popping his back tire up over stuff like nothing, not to mention he is carving through this stuff like butter) Was running third then at the start of the 3rd lap and got a gel from Sandi. Was eating it and couldn't finish it before the wicked downhill so it was in my mouth. Tried eating it with one hand on the bar and wiped out on a sharp rock. Now it looks like I have a egg coming out of my leg and my arm and hip are sore as well. Matt Gissibl caught me after an early flat for him. We rode together for a little bit and I let him by. Then on the flats again I caught him again. Right on his wheel as now we could see dad. Then less than a minute later....flatted. Ran about 50 yards to the open and changed it. It was about 8 minutes or so before the next 3 hour guy came through. Went as hard as I could with the energy I had left. Felt like a pretty fast lap. Caught fellow EXPO teammate John on the last hill and past him about 1/4 mile before the finish.. Finished strong. Another good race...hopefully this keeps going. A solid 5th. Dad had a 16 minute lead in the 6 hour race...and went out to do another lap. Only guy with 6 laps in the 6 hour. Pretty sick trophy for him. Bad luck for Myles in his race (this kid was only 3 minutes back of him and had one of the top lap times in the 6 hour). Thanks to the Steve and company for support.
-Casey Hildebrandt
Category: JrX
age: 15
Wheel Size: 29er

Myles and Casey - Props on tackling Blue Mounds. That course is known by all to be as tough as you just realized.

Today is UWM day with brother Alex. Set up a Gmail for him to forward his UWM emails to. Get to know the computer system UWM forces, and start to look up required texts. Best part of all, he is letting me ride his Trek Multitrack 720 for the day!

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Iguana said...

Nice re-cap on Casey.
I was hopping to see los changos there in action, probably they knew I was coming. :P