Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Casey Casey - On the Box - Trek Border Battle

I had a good start as I went up the hill and got into the jam in the singletrack. Dad was 4 or 5 bikes infront of me. Nate was behind him, then me with mitch right behind, and caleb and myles 5 or so behind us. We were talking in the singletrack. After it cleared out a little i was just chasing nate. We caught him on the 2nd field part and passed him. Me, Mitch, then Nate with eachother and they were looking strong. We rode that group till the end of the first lap. On the hill they dropped off i think. A little into the 2nd lap Jenna Reinhart was in the back of our group of a few expert guys. I let her pass me right before the last part of singletrack for that lap and followed her lines closely. Was right on her wheel up the hill and into the singletrack she got away. After both laps when I got to the top of the hill I could hear Don saying "here come Caleb Lenss and Myles Beach coming through." I started thinking of where I was during the last lap and just keep riding faster. I was pumped coming out of the woods and sprinted all the way through the finish. First podium ever. Must of been the ergon socks. Went for cool down with Caleb and then dad after he was done. It was a much more enjoyable ride home than normal.

-Casey Hildebrandt
Category: JrX
age: 15
Wheel Size: 29er

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