Monday, May 4, 2009

Trans Iowa v5 Pics

Can't thank enough peoples for making TI V5 happen. I wish all events were of this nature. I wish TI went on till I was of a proper ripe age for a TI killing too. More to come after some school work gets knocked out of the way.

Joy ride to checkpoint #1 was so fun. A bit too fast however, finally had to say goodbye a little ways after checkpoint #1.


3.5hours in we were ready to literally fall asleep.

Loong rollers - momentum stopped before you started back up.

54miles after Checkpoint #1

I honestly loved the B roads.

Aris killed every climb.

These dogs loved us.
Can't wait to do it again. A finish will be mine someday. Someday.


Ari said...

Hey Aris and Constantine,
I was really happy to meet you guys. That was an incredible race and an incredible course. I doubt I wil forget it anytime soon. I hope you guys have a great season.

Cornbread said...

Great seeing you and Aris again. Sounds like you both rode great and had a good day on the bike considering the mechanical problem for Aris and the hami issue for you. These long events always claim a lot of victims. We'll get 'em next year! Keep on pluggin' away!

Andy said...

Dude, you are the coolest person ever, or maybe you are exactly opposite of that...tell your wife I said hi and that she should webcam with me more often...