Sunday, May 3, 2009

Checkpoint 2 + 10

Aris magled his chainring after 150miles of unbelievable climbing. His potential in all aspects of cycling scares me more and more each day.

He was "forced" to call it quits.

My right hamstring was telling me not to forget it, the entire ride. While I refueled at checkpoint 2 the hammy tightened up beyond repair. I assumed it would loosen up once I got riding again - obviously was just not the case. I turned around about 10 miles after checkpoint 2 and took shortcuts back.

Fresh gravel sucks - B roads are awesome! I've got improvements to make. Pics amd more words to follow. We're on our way home wishing we had finished.


Mad Trix said...

Great effort guys. See you next week.

enduroloco said...

good job to both you and aris. These things happen. See ya at stump farm?

The Shed Master said...

I still love you.