Monday, May 18, 2009

Iola - WORS #1 - EXPO Junior Debut

Great weekend! Juniors proved to be a force that will only get better in time. EXPO covered every category - Cit Youth, Citizen, Sport, Junior Expert, and Cat 1. Results and bios are down the trail. Personal race reports in due time (they are all still in school). Thanks to Jeremey for some pics. Knock on his door for a more detailed report. He also has like 500 pics...

These are their mugs:

Got the fixie out today and cruised the city taking errands around while unwinding the legs. Legs were mighty sore after my DNF effort. Got some work to do that is for sure. Got some emails today from some EXPO teens detailing their week's training schedule...How cool is that?
Endura kits are so nice. I can't thank them enough for taking care of us. Seriously - check the link and click them out. Some truly amazing product, custom or not.

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