Thursday, May 29, 2008

Training is almost up to speed

Yesterday was a great day on the bike(cold w/Eish wind). South side of the Brew City north to Port Washington and back. A solid 68miles it was. I hooked up with a Lake Drive regular way early into the first half. He rode with me all the way to Port. The first half was 19-24mph due to trade-off pulls. Yikes, I haven't gone that fast yet all year. When we finally rolled into Port I knew I was in for a tough solo ride home. While on the gas station pee, I put on toe covers and my spare Endura Superlite Jacket to keep away the bone chill. I was able to stay warm the rest of the way, however I wasn't able to keep up my 1st half's 20mph average. Oh well. It is these kind of rides that make you love your warm shower and bed.

Keep Press'n On

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