Friday, May 16, 2008

Ergon BD1 supports

For it's 3rd time ever on my back and first trip over 20miles, the Ergon BD1 did me proud. Really proud.

Trans Iowa eve I had packed and repacked the BD1 until I felt comfortable with my necessities' locations. It has plenty of little nooks and crannies to carry my tools, wallet, medicine, shot bloks, tube, etc. The main compartment was where I stuffed my pump and spare clothes and my unneeded extra battery(I only made it to CP1, remember?). The pack ended up being so heavy that was afraid to pick it up by the shoulder straps(since the the shoulder straps are only connected by the 'I wish I invented' 'central Flink ® ball joint'). Have no fear, there is a nice strap located at the top of the pack that shares the load between the main frame and the shoulder straps when carrying the pack off-back.

The pack truly shined. I forgot it was on my back. I could completely and freely turn my shoulders and head completely to the side to look back. No pack movement. I could maneuver my body into the most unorthodox riding positions I could think of to help fight the fierce cross wind. No pack movement. Throwing my body left the right slightly off-beat to huck up the Iowa ascents. No pack movement. The feeling of having nothing on your back was so great that Aris, Scott and I never noticed that our pack would sit slightly left or right one inch at our waist. We couldn't feel it.
"Hey Aris, your pack isn't centered"
Just like that.

Much like everything used for Trans Iowa. The BD1 really worked. Over the past year Ergon packs have created tons of hype across the board. I can say this for sure, they have earned a spot on my back indefinitely.


Ari said...

I have sold tons of Ergon grips at our shop. I will look into bringing some of the packs in.

EXPO Racing said...


Ergon grips are the first thing I look for going into any new bike shop...If they don't got'em, all I do is laugh cause they could be selling tons.