Monday, March 31, 2008

Look out for Aris...

He is bigger than YOU. He puts 50miles of Fri - 75miles on Sat - 45miles on Sun and still had something left in the tank to rock the last 3climbs on the last mile of the last day. If this kid stays true to riding, he will be pulling us to a TIv4 finish fo sho!

weekend pictures here
Video here

The weekend wasn't filled with any school girls but it was sprinkled cross bikes and superflys. Saturday featured the doc ride which dropped me like a bad habit in less than 3miles. Sunday had banana walnut pancakes. Monday, brings wonderfully sore legs and a desire like never before to ride MORE.

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Anonymous said...

I keep telling him that, You should be pulling for him. I think its his to podium that's how confident I am of him and his ability.