Monday, March 24, 2008

Group Ride Sunday

The weather was nice and the kids were jump'n. The O made his way the the South Side on Friday to join up and give Brandon and Jordan their Spring Training wake up calls. Just before we started to roll, Jordan had asked fixedgeargus to flip/flop his wheel so he could ride a coasting bike...Reluctantly I made the swap. Jordan was now confidence inspired to stretch the field on a couple of occasions.

Cruising at a blistering pace, Jordan glanced over his shoulder to see where we were and immediatly hightailed to draft the truck. Before I could blink, Jordan was sucked into the plow's draft spinning at a solid 23mph. We had to chase. Thankfully the plow made a right turn and we were able to bring J back.

The middle part of the ride turned a bit nasty when Jordan decided to hit a wall due to the wicked head wind. I decided to pull all off the road for a refuel. Jerky nuggets to the rescue. We continued west to a nice little hill climb were we did 5 hill repeats. Brandon showed us his stuff going head to head with Theo. You are gonna wanna keep your eye out for him this year, all three of these boys for that matter.

After the hills we turned around to retrace our skid marks. Tail wind pushed Brandon and I to a spin out while the freewheels got pushed on the descents. Turned out to be a great ride. 2hours in the saddle and one step closer to achilles bliss...

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