Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ramp it up

As of 7:30 tonight(last exam), my 2008 campaign will ramp up like never before. I am on the verge of my best semester to date and waiting for my 1st quarter at UWM's School of Education to start this January. I have tamed the beast of school. Now it is time to reel in my cycling goals...

TIv4 - Finish with the Bra (top 5 in secret)

24hr Nats - Top 10 (overall)

Get to MOAB

12hr WEMS - SS Series

We'll see. There is nothing like talk. More to come, some to change! Pumped.


Jeff Kerkove said...

Moab? Best time to get out to Moab is anytime in March. Weather is in the 60's and the tourist traffic is low. If you plan to head out anytime in the Spring.....drop me a line. I'll join you!

EXPO Racing said...

Spring is looking like CA for some training. If I had family in MOAB, I might make the switch.

Ideal MOAB would be mid October ;), but school would have already started by then. Much magic would have to happen.

Lee Unwin said...

These are all good goals, can't wait to see the complete list.

PaddyH said...

all the best to ya in 08!