Thursday, December 13, 2007

2008 is going to be Fun and Green

Hair cut, tutor then study for exams.

EXPO Racing, what do you all think about a new jersey order...Same design, just adjust sponsor list and placements? Hmmm, who could we add???
Ergon, we will certainly do you proud. Thanks for the opportunity.

My favorite reads section is just littered with green people. Way to go!


ScoleTrain said...

Welcome to the Green Team! Let me know this spring when and if you guys are planning any Trans Iowa tune-up rides. Pedal on...

EXPO Racing said...

We couldn't be more excited. I keep looking at the talent on that list. Wow, lets just say we have alot to live up to.

Can't wait!

Shelley said...

This is fantastic! WOW! I'm impressed!!