Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WORS #2 Up Nort Der Eh, A lot of "Firsts"

Huge thunder claps Saturday night gave some of the early racers a slightly muddy course... Let us be thank full for the great Wisconsin trails that drain as good as they do. The second the Cat 2 racers were off, most of the course was blazing. Yup, EXPO was talking hard core about the team trip to MTB Nationals... News and updates to follow steady and frequent on that front. Yeah... Excited.

WORS #2 Up Nort Der Eh. A lot of "firsts"

Emily Shull shows up to the WORS #2 Crystal Lake Classic in Rhinelander looking all business in her new Oakley Split Jackets. Was it her Oakleys or was it a matter of time? Regardless, she killed it. Did I say killed it?... Let me say it again, She killed it! 1st Overall in the Cat 2 Women's class. 1st Overall. Rhinelander's course layout had the Cat 2 riders doing 2 longer laps opposed to the traditional 3. Emily came through after lap one in 1st only 15seconds ahead of 2nd overall... Mad props to you Emily. She held off the entire Cat 2 women's field on lap 2 to take the overall victory by 26 seconds.

Riley Kopesky shows to race with come custom Ergon Tube Socks and the new GS2 Leichtbau grips to earn his best WI race result to date - 3rd Overall in Cat 2 (Sport). He was on it hard from the start. I saw him fly through the start/finish tucked in... He looked fast! Little did I know a big fat "3" was in his Overall column. He is really off to a great start this season - 3 wins in 3 races (WORS #1, WEMS 6hr Duo and WORS #2).

Liz Shull was 10 seconds away from providing EXPO with THE come back. 3 lap race. Lapping through for the last time I yelled 2:30 back! She looked solid... But most know a 2 minute gap in any WORS race is tough. Liz proved that idea wrong real quick. She ended the day in 2nd of the Cat 1 Juniors only 10.6seconds back from 1st. EXPO motto - Keep Press'n On. What a come back!!!

Mitchell Bogardus - 6th - Cat 1 Junior

Jordan Watkins - 3rd - 15-16 Cat 2

Jan Warren - 3rd - 17-18 Cat 2

Brett Poulton - 9th - Cat 1 Junior

Andy Schmidt - 3rd Overall - Cat 3

Look out.

What is New? Well if you remember the Iola post:

Fast forward to 2011, his sis rides his gold Homegrown and he attaches a three digit number plate. In his first Cat 1 Junior race he looked smooth and finished with a strong 7th. His winter efforts showed at Iola.
"his sis" = Anna Poulton = EXPO Racing's newest member = Yeah, she took 1st Overall in Cat 3 women at Iola = We are so stoked to have her on board!!!!!!!!!! She missed WORS #2 because she qualified for the Illinois state track championship in the 4x100 relay team. Legit.

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