Monday, May 2, 2011




ian and Mitchell


Yo yo. What an absolutely amazing time it was catching up with the WORS faithful. There is something about Wisconsin mountain bikers that I have yet to see anywhere else in the country. The camaraderie and vibe you get from a WORS race is unmatched and by far the one constant I can hold on to over the summer. I guess I could even say, at this point, I don't care how high these darn gas prices get...

And how about those EXPO Juniors?!?! 12 to be exact made the trip to Iola, and a staggering 8 of those 12 got on the BOX!!!!! Yes that is true, 8! Two wins, 2 seconds, 3 thirds, and a 4th. I would have to say, one of, if not the best starts EXPO Racing has ever had.

Andy Schmidt - Junior - Citizen - 1st age, 2nd Overall

Jordan Watkins - Cat 2 - 3rd age

Emily Shull - Cat 2 - 1st age - 3rd Overall

Riley Kopesky - Cat 2 - 2nd age

Jan Warren - Cat 2 - 3rd age

Brandon Watkins - Cat 2 - 5th age

Mitch Bogardus - Cat 1 - 2nd

Ian Haupt - Cat 1 - 4th

Brett Poulton - Cat 1 - 7th

Caleb Lenss - Cat 1 - 9th

Ryan O'Connell - Cat 1 - twisted derailleur

Liz Shull - Cat 1 - 3rd


Yes, I know, a few names are a bit new to the list... We could not be happier with the addition of both Jan Warren and Brett Poulton to EXPO Racing. These two kids have been putting some crazy training sessions. Jan has completed only his 3rd Cat 2 race with his 3rd place at Iola since he started racing WORS at the beginning of last year. He has simply bolted his way up the ranks and is really looking forward to some of EXPO's July events...

Riley and Jan

Brett Poulton comes EXPO Racing with loads of racing experience. Yes, he is a junior and I did just say that. I have been watching this kid since he was a little twerp on his(my dreamy) Gold Schwinn Homegrown. He would tear up the Citizen Youth Series like no one's business. Fast forward to 2011, his sis rides his gold Homegrown and he attaches a three digit number plate. In his first Cat 1 Junior race he looked smooth and finished with a strong 7th. His winter efforts showed at Iola.

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