Tuesday, June 2, 2009

West Side Story

Bubba: "IS IT JUST ME????.............

Or does this look like some twisted mountain bike version of West Side Story? I think Walls even has a pack of cigs rolled up in his sleeve."

EXPO rides of note from this past weekend:
Myles Beach - 2nd, JuniorX
Brian Braun - 9th Comp Overall (Brian, you had better look out for your dad!)

Another great weekend. Many great results and DNF's plagued EXPO this weekend. It is a long season...

Some pics should be on their way.


bubba said...

If it had come to throwin' down...I had my money on the EXPO boys.

The Shed Master said...

You've never been good with your money.

Ari said...

That good boys. Now get out there and squash them!
Hope to see you and your bro this summer sometime. The wife and I are planning a Sunday trip to Milwaukee.

EXPO Racing said...


Keep me posted! Would love to hook up.