Tuesday, June 30, 2009

$2 Tuesday

Matt Gissibl calls me up - "Hey! wanna go on a ride?". Yessir! Matt rides from his crib to mine where Jdubs and myself are 90% ready. We finally get west...Oooh - Road closed..."Should we go this way?" Matt would say, "Yeah". Ahh yes, the classic yeah-ride. What was supposed to be a nice 26mile workout for my leg and Jdubs, turned out to a 49mile mini-epic (I am guessing around 70 for Matt). Major props goes out to Jordan for rocking the single speed all day long!

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Email -

So one of EXPO's newest members, Casey Hildebrandt has been asked to keep me posted on weekly riding news. Now I do not expect this, nor do I demand it. However, you have no idea how much of a great feeling it is to get emails like this:

Casey (4th overall in WORS Junior X) is literally setting the standard for all peeps coming up the pipeline. And it will pay off.

Riley Kopesky (2nd Overall WORS Citizen 15-18)- Also new to EXPO this year(And new to mtb racing!) has started his Blog -
http://www.exporider48.blogspot.com/. Folks take a look. You may be linked... You may see it on this side bar real soon.

WORS #5:
Chippewa Valley Firecracker is the next stop for WI mountain biking. Always a fun one!

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