Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday Pics

Start in Yucaipa. 1000ft climb into Wildwood Canyon. What goes up must come down into Beaumont. We headed west into Banning where we picked up Hwy 243. Up up up towards Idyllwild.

Same way home but we rode back to Highland (upper left in the pic).

Start in Yucaipa.

Top of Wildwood Canyon climb. Hwy 243 peak in the distance.

On the way up 243.

Lake Fulmor. 5250ft.

We stopped to refuel and add layers. Looking back, we wish we had more.

Some of the best descending I ever did(ok ok climbing too)!
I'd like to do this once more...or hit up Big Bear City...
Legs are feeling goood today!


Mad Trix said...

I'm a bit jealous.

Ari said...

How is the Canon G10 holding up for you . My old olympus decided to die on me and I am forced to buy a new camera before Trans Iowa.

Mountaingoat said...

Nice! My wife's got family in Yucaipa. be sure to hit up that Big Bear ride. Good stuff.

EXPO Racing said...

G10 is awesome! I won't be taking it on TI though. Too big for me for that race.

14.7 megapix - WOW! Poster size.

Great video and pretty consistent auto setting.