Friday, April 17, 2009

Rest Day after Epik Leads to a failed Big Bear Attempt

Aris and I did a recovery Jamba Juice Ride on Wednesday to give a break to the legs. Why doesn't Milwaukee have a Jamba Juice??

It was great to get out for 20 miles and just spin.

My hope was to rest for the upcoming Big Bear Attempt (Thursday). Aris and Theo just didn't have the motivation to suit up, so I packed the iPod instead. A solo trip to Big Bear? I was pumped. I wanted to get there so bad. 58 miles would be the test, climbing over 6,000ft of total ascent.

Forest Falls was my breaking point. My hamstrings just couldn't do it. I was too sore from before.

I am left with nothing but motivation. Motivation for the upcoming season, and my next attempt to Big Bear. A light spin today, and a quick ride before we catch our plane Saturday. It's been fun. It's not over.

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