Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting to know your BD1

Today I attached a Lowepro camera case to the frame of the BD1. Looks like I found the best way for easy access to pocket-sized storage areas. No need to take the pack off. No need to worry about the pack covering up the pockets. Worked like a charm today. Camera and Shot Bloks fit perfectly.

Now, I have yet to confirm that this is thee answer, but I feel I am headed in the right direction for quick access storage during Trans Iowa. Suggestions are welcome.

Scroll down to Saturday's post and take a look at the path the hydro hose was taking. Now lookie here. After-market bladders always seem to provide a bit too short of a hose for Ergon pack use. Thread the short hose through the two given straps and eat up even more hose. My answer - Only use the last strap(pictured) for more freedom of movement and more hose, OR get a BH200 and be done with it.

Um yeah. Today was sooo fun. I sang songs and bobbed my head the whole ride. Cranks felt sweet. Sun felt amazing. Cars felt close. Legs felt the weight. I am feeling like tomorrow can't wait to do it again.


The Shed Master said...

I've got a HydraPak where the hose comes out of the bottom of the pack and up the strap. Less hose length was needed because it didn't have to loop down, then back up.

Ari said...

I have that same lowe bag and after a while the velcro wears and does not hold. The bag came flying off and in it my daugthers small video camera went under the tires of a truck and the rest is history.

EXPO Racing said...

ahh yes, that scares me. The Lowe I have has a button "safety" in addition to the velcro.

Hopefully TI comes quick enough before any true wearing would take place.

Now all I need is a case for the other side of the frame.