Monday, February 25, 2008


The sun was out in full force and the temps were pushing 40 in places. Word on the street was a few youth were turning cranks indoors CompuTrainer-style on the East Side. What a perfect match - Ride with Trixie in the sun and harass the little bros at Crank Daddy's all in the same day. The bikes were prepped real fast-

Trixie's legs were on the up, she was pushing me all day on knobbied 26's.
Trixie's up side is endless.

It was clear Aris was able to transfer his B-ball fitness directly to the bike. Theo raised his average watts from two weeks ago and Zoe put on a clinic to all non-Peters...errr... team MARS minus the exEXPO - current MARS and EXPO wannabe - Theo, who took second.
Zoe's age can be found on goat's Monday. She is one to watch for sure!
CompuTrainer results here


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

BTW, I forgot to tell you something yesterday, you are no longer just you are also now too, don't believe me, go try it... see I still do friendly things.

mountaingoat said...

I'm hoping her 8 years of gymnastics will translate well on the bike.

EXPO Racing said...

gymnastics is thee sport to start out in. It can take you far, or it can transfer to any other sport better than most. Case and point Sunday.