Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm busy kids

Working on African American Program project.
Student Teaching.
Attending Classes.
Wishing I could ride my newly re-built mountain Fixie...More on this later.

Friday, February 20, 2009

the "Official" is now Official

SS 24hr Nationals is where its at. Check it here.

Endurosnob says it best: "Uh oh"

Is there any reason NOT to go to MOAB anymore?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

COG mag

So I get to Ronsta's house before most for the Sunday stroll through Sha. On his kitchen table lies two of the latest COG issues just dying to meet my eyes. I ohh and ahh three times over before I even read a word. This mag has some true underground flair that is just bubbling at the seams with style.

Amazing photos. Local feel. Niche filler. Void cover. Bathroom reader.

Check it. For real:
Its worth it.

Photo Annual 01 made its way hand-wrapped in COG wrapping paper. Individually numbered hard cover. Beautiful.

Get your own.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Half n Half

Got to try out the new Answer Winter MTB shoes today. Super nice! I'll pic and write them up in the nearest of futures.

Half Training in the EXPO long sleeve this AM. I was finally able to get a day ahead of my homework(how about that?!?!).

Half Commuting in the favorite flannel.

I was able to sneak a shower in between and change all of the clothes.

I want someone to create a flannel specific to riding. How cool would THAT be. Longer sleeves. THick flannel material. Something durable for the long haul. Great stitching. I would pay big bucks for a custom job, I really would. I want! I want! I want!

However, I'm not too sure a bike clothing company would go through the trouble of a flannel...Where could they put their logo?

Anywho. Dar is spending a few days at the crib, which is nice. I start a little student teaching tomorrow at a new school which equals some new faces, which is nice.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Some slick art for a slick time

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday 45

Lovely ride in the Sha today. Brisk it was. Many good peeps. I have marked next Sunday for yet another Ronsta Ride.

Fun climbs in the shade. Keep the seat down and hammer up.

Ronsta has discovered the best way to spend a February Sunday. Wear what you want. Ride what you want. Say what you want.

Bikesafer reaching for his camera for the somethingth time. I wanna see something for those efforts. BTW - I love those downtube shifters, don't ever ditch'em.

Hoze froze for about and hour's worth of the ride. I had to chew chew chew the the outside of it to try and get some water to pass by the ice. Then it was pull - push - pull - push to give the ice some backwash warmth. Good to go.

Great luck to Mark about to embark on his first 12hr race next weekend. Keep those cranks a turnin'!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Friday, February 13, 2009

24hr Series?!?!

Wowser. Just received an email from Granny Gear:

"We WILL be adding Solo Single Speed classes (mens and womens) to all three of our races this year!"

This has now become the goal of the year:

Big Bear
9 Mile

I can't imagine the fun it could be. An actual SS series that gives you a local race and a National Championship all in one nice little package. Time to save up...

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters earned some nice mid-season press. Now all he has to do is get over to my place this weekend so we can have some fun with Ronsta. Make sure you carry some candy hearts with you on tomorrow's ride. I will.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Who would have guessed that the first two times I get truly rained on in 2009 would come in the month of February?!?!?

All I can say is I am glad to have Endura on my side:

What you are looking at is 2 year old Endura eVent pants and jacket. The Jacket is my daily winter jacket and is still acting like-new. 20 degrees? Just wear a base layer underneath. Pants get pulled out for the super wet and the super cold days. By super cold, I mean minus degree temps.

Just look how waterproof this eVent fabric is(did I say these are two years old?). I must say, it would kick gore-tex out of the park. Keeps the wind out, keeps me warm when I want to layer, and keeps me twice dry(truly a breathable-waterproof product)

I must give them props. I stayed dry all day.

On my daily Scott Cole check I came across this. Then I read this on the Snob. After, I am left with weird feelings. I want to do all three, but I won't unless Granny Gear gives me a Single Speed Category. Without it, I won't feel 'Pro'.

Honestly, what would 24hrs of 9 Mile be without the long standing Solo Single Speed class?

Ok, Ok. Pickyness aside. Moab is Moab and a 24 Solo is a 24 Solo. I will race it Single Speed with or without the category. It's what I dew.

Now let's find some money...

Sunday, February 8, 2009



Also now up on Vimeo

Nate, Mitch and Gage

Headed out on the fixie to enjoy the nice weather. Destination happened to be Crank Daddy's on the East Side in order to say hi to the newest EXPO members. The video was taken off of the Canon G10. Edit was my first attempt at Adobe Premier Pro CS4(video editing software). I have been able to blend these two nice add-ons very seamlessly.

Hmmm. If only there were two of me...I could have enjoyed Ronsta's Sunday 40 twice as much. The peeps were 9 strong and the bike collection was as diverse as you will see for a group ride. Photos today come from Ronsta's Cam. Weather this weekend was 'Let's act like its Spring for the rest of Winter'. Bike rode like a dream all weekend.

Nothing high intensity. Just Spin'n.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Know the Feeling

While hanging and chatting with some of the local fixie flair prior to the alleycat, I quickly became motivated. I had tossed and turned the idea of racing all day. The night prior I was up way beyond my bed time, and my eyes actually hurt at 4 in the afternoon. I know, I know - "BooHoo, WaaWaa" you say. I say, it's all relative.

Whine all I may, I'm still going to give it a go. I mean, $5 is all it takes. Aside from thee Trans-Iowa, you can't race for any less coin. Plus there remains a few perks that I may not necessarily always take advantage of as well - No helmet (we all know how "cool" it is to NOT wear a helmet when riding you fixie), No bike rules, No rules period. hm. Pretty nice.

Got the manifest just 5min prior to start. I was looking at like a 3year old trying to make sense of the language. 8 stops ordered by number, but not in the given numbered order. Addresses were giving me a headache. What does one do when they don't know what to do? Tail Mr. Eric Von Munz.

This man single handedly got me into the fixed gear scene years and years ago.

Outside of my current favorite restaurant Sala Da Pranzo (The one in which Eric used to work part time at). I would stare and stare at that bike of his locked up outside. One day, he said hop on. I rode it to the corner and back. Boom, I was hooked.

Tail Eric. Something he certainly is used to. So much so, he always manages to "trick" his followers into making some type of mistake. I stayed a good block back of him(I actually couldn't reel him in). I don't think I made a mistake. I just wouldn't trust his ways. So, I'd stop and try to reason the route out. Loose Eric and loose my mind. I was done, in a "I'm done" kind of way. Met up with another rider and passed him my manifest with three stop left for me. I was left with a lonely ride home. Physically I was "good enough", but mentally I wasn't in it. I couldn't get my brain to treat me right. So I rode home with the first true "bad race" feeling of the year. The best part about that is I can say I already got one of mine out of the way. Have you?
I guess this is what makes alleycats what they are. Cyclocross/mtbXC type intensity with a mind game that no other cycling can bring. There isn't much else out there to give you a total workout like that.
Get out there today.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Alleycat Tonight

I'll get to the Swinging Door Downtown Milwaukee at around 7pm for the First Friday Alleycat. Race starts at 7:30. $5 gets you in on the fun.

You wanna hook-up and ride it with me - 414.232.0052

Snooze, you loose. Tonight should have nice group of peeps lovin' the great weather.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A day of Work

School work comes first. EXPO Work comes second. It sucks, but it has to be on a day like today. Turning in part 1's, reading articles to prepare for class, and writing proposals for the EXPO world - It all seems equally important. It really does. Short post so I can treat them that way.

Really neat to see this - Ronsta

I may have to bring a sleeping bag...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Soon to be on order...

Cane Creek S-8 headset
Salsa Cromoto 26in Canti fork
Avid Single Digit SL Front Brake
Avid Speed Dial SL Lever
Surly 32t Chainring
Bontrager X Lite White 120mm Stem
Bontrager XDX TLR 2.4 tires

All the above will mate with a Jeff Jones H bar (xc version).

No rusty pics are available at the moment. Search "Bianchi" in the upper left to see past versions of the ride. My goal is to get a trail ready fixie back in business. I am going with a front brake because I feel like being a wuss. I mean, I have already done the Chequamegon 40 brakeless (w/on-board fart machine). What else is there to do brakeless?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Brandon has been doing a little wrestling as of late. He assures me that it is a perfect off-season form of training(I won't argue). This past Saturday he moved up a weight class in order to move into the "starting line-up" for team points.

The move proved well with a 2nd place in the 175 class. he's 158.

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters had a season high 14pts, 8boards, 5assists in Saturday's Slinger/Hartford Rivalry. Of course they manifested a victory.

Nate Labecki BMX vids can always be found here. He's usually the one up front. I believe he raced this weekend too.

Weak Weekend

Saturday class was a pleasant surprise. Instructor is on top of her game. Roads were nice and quiet in the AM. Ride home was a very warm headwind workout. I enjoyed myself very much.

The late movie night with Trixie had me up in time for a Ronsta ride, but too lazy for one. So I crawled on my hands and knees to the basement for 1.5hours of trainer work while watching top chef on hulu.

The rest of the Sunday must be the mandated Super Bowl with some halftime tackle football with Buckwheat.

This week's Project - Bianchi SASS Resurrection (parted that thing out to go rigid on the Trek 9.9. Updates to come.